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Full Wheel Refurbishment to almost like New Condition

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If you don’t like the appearance of your cars because of your scratched or scuffed wheels, you want to sell it or just to stand out from the crowd you should call us as an experts in alloy wheel refurbishment. We will offer exactly what you expect – a quick, effective alloy wheel refurbishment with high quality.

Why you should think about refurbishing your wheels?
We can give you a lot of reasons but all depends on you. Maybe just because it will affect the appearance of your car? Who doesn’t want a good-looking car noticeable for all others on the road. For some of you, who decide to sell a car, it can help to get the best price because the outside is as much as important as the inside of the car when you are choosing “new” one for you. It’s also not just about aesthetics, as repairing corrosion to the inside of your alloy wheels can stop air loss and potential damage to tires. So really, refurbishing is a must for any owner of a car with alloy wheels.

How long does it takes?

Usually the standard refurbishment is a quick process that can be completed the same day. This is the type of the service that most of our customers get. If you bring the wheels at the beginning of the day, you will have it ready not later than the end of the same working day. For bigger wheels as 18inch or more, refurbishment can take more than one working day – usually about 48 hours.

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Why to consider professional refurbishment than doing it yourself?

Full wheel refurbishment can make your wheels to look like brand new. Our experience guarantees high-quality and complete refurbishment process. The process is not so easy and cant be properly done by you because it also requires special equipment,
skills and access to manufacturer’s coating. No need to take such big risk since we are offering best services, always on time and on the best possible price.

Why choose us?

Our team guarantee quality alloy wheel refurbishment and with this we are offering a pricing package to meet all your needs, our menu pricing is based on the size of the wheel and finish and not the vehicle model as usually happens. We operate a fully equipped workshop using a range of up to date equipment with the very latest technology. If you are interested to get your old car as brand new one you can just call us and get as much as details you want. We can be reached on the phone, email, live chat and social media.

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