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Our portfolio is improved by our alloy wheel straigthener and alloy wheel welding service. No need to replace the damaged wheel with a new one. We can fix it and make it looks like a brand new. This is a cost-effective way to keep the perfect condition of your wheels. All our repairs are completed to the highest standard, using the latest equipment and technology.

You want to check if your wheels are straight?
We can do that for you. You can have bends on the inside of the wheel that you may not be aware of until M.O.T. time or when in extreme situations your tires are losing pressure. We are now ready to provide full wheel straightening. We can just advice you for the best solution be we will not take any actions without your approval. We can send you pictures of the damage that need to be straightened from a safety point. After your approval we can “only” provide the best service for the good of our clients and the best cost-effective solutions for their budget.

Apart from the straightening, we can offer to fix the cracks in your wheels with our service called “alloy welding”. This repair is really speedy as there is no need of our source to a third party.

The technology we use is the latest alloy mig technology which ensure even penetration welding for strength and safety. This also helps to build a weld on rim edges that may have any deep kerbing as this is a much better alternative to filter and retains the integrity of the wheel.

Welding can be used for cracks in the middle of the wheel or on the back side lip. Welding is not really good for cracks in the front side or for more than one crack Due to the big difference in the types of cracks, let us first see and advice the best solution for your wheel. Contact us for more details and way of repairs.