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Sometimes we put our heart and soul in our cars so we want the best appearance for it. No need to let the paint job be anything less than what we deserve. We can offer you one of the best solutions for your wheels with our powder coating service for your car or even truck. Since we are specialized in this area, our experiences team can give you exactly what you want for your car details.

No matter what design you will choose – bold colours or understated design – we can customize your ride in exactly your way. If you need those wheels to match your fresh paint job or body wrap, a round of powder coating is the answer.

The process is easy to be explained – instead of using regular liquid based paints, we put a thick layer of powder, sprayed in the wheel’s surface with electrostatic gun. After this the wheel is heated to solidify the coating. In conclusion, one of the biggest advantages is that the powder is much better and long-lasting than the traditional liquid paints.

We are a team of high professionals with attention to details that is why we understand your need and your enthusiasm. In order to provide you with the best solution our service is strictly personalized and we pay close attention to what you are looking for and what is the most suitable for your interest and your needs. Part of our job is to find the most effective colour matching solution. With it our specialists will fill in the problem spots and restore your wheels. If you have some specific expectation, we are open to discuss it closely with you in order to match the colour and shade of your dream. When you spend your hard earned cash on your vehicle, your expectations should be met, and exceeded. Contact our friendly and professional staff today to discuss powder coating options for your wheels.