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Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishment Centres

About Wheel Clinic Refurbishment Centres
Wheel Clinic refurbishment Centre Perivale, Greenford is an independently operated business in keeping  with the Wheelclinic ethos, we are passionate about wheels and as such have a long-term objective to develop our centre creating the same quality and excellence customer experience. We look forward to your enquiry.

All our work is carried out by highly skilled technicians having been fully trained at the Wheel clinic training centre of Excellence working with specialist equipment much of which has been purposely designed and manufactured by Wheelclinic. All our work is done done in house and never contracted out to third parties.

Re-Manufacturing Process
We stick rigidly to the re manufacturing process which is almost identical to that of a modern alloy wheel manufacturer be it on a smaller scale, the rims are chemically stripped, powder coat primed, coloured and clear coated to protect the finish from UV and washing detergents. The WheelClinic process replaces the coating inside and out not just the front face of the alloy wheel.

Wheelclinics experience has shown that flaking & dull paint appearance is often a good indication that it has had a cosmetic touch up at some point, or that the surface has been broken down with corrosive cleaners used to clean the wheels. Our competitors often sand down the old finish to accept the new paint, your new finish will only be as strong as the paint underneath, that is why we completely strip and refurbish the whole wheel, starting with a secure foundation.

Loan Wheels and Tyres
We try to carry loan wheels for your use whilst your rims are repaired or refurbished however this can be limited and we recommend a visit to our centre to secure a set  if available prior to arrival.

Rim Repairs
We undertake rim edge damage, pot hole damage, dents or buckles to the front and rear of the alloy wheel using a specialist wheel straightening Machine, we  also weld cracked alloys , or splits or missing pieces however due to the bad condition of the roads and low profile tyres  we cannot guarantee the integrity or longtivity like that of a new wheel.

Colours and Specialist Finishes
Wheelclinic have a full range of motor manufacturers colours, chromes and specialist finishes so many that we cannot list them all, So if you are looking for something really special or just a top quality reinstatement to the original colour we will be pleased to discuss your requirement.

Same Day Service
Not all alloy rim repairs require a full refurbishment and we in some circumstances refurbish or repair on the same day, we will however need to see the wheel first and book an appropriate time in our workshop schedule.

Mobile Pick up
Wheel Clinic Greenford do not offer mobile repairs only a total wheel refurbishment service, that mobile alloy wheel repair services cannot offer, for a similar price or in some cases less to what they will charge for a temporary, cosmetic, touch up job only on the face of the wheel. Our wheel refurbishment finishes are an all over coating which is tougher and longer lasting and will last you for years to come. Mobile services cannot prepare the wheel as thoroughly or strip off old coatings prior to refurbishment so it is impossible for a mobile service to achieve the same finish as Wheel Clinic.

We are based in Perivale, Greenford, Middlesex but we serve Wembley, Southall, Brentford, Northolt, Harrow, Brent park, Central London, West London and South West London.